Continuing Education Credits – Continuing Education Units

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) offers traditional* continuing education (CE) credits/units for workshops and training programs completed in the USA and Canada. The FSS is a nonprofit public 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization, established in 1985.

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized method of quantifying the time spent in the classroom during professional development and training activities.

  • Continuing Education (CE) Credit/Contact hour: 50-60 minutes of training
  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU): Ten (10) contact hours/credits

CEUs provide a record of training for individuals who need to submit proof of their continuing education to employers, unions, professional associations, or licensing agencies. The acquisition of CEUs may be applied to an array of professions to fulfill the educational requirements needed to maintain certification or licensure. The FSS is recognized internationally as the premiere organization for contemporary training in shamanism and shamanic healing. CEUs have been accepted for FSS trainings by associations for RNs, therapists (such as MFT, LMFT), bodyworkers-massage therapists, social workers, hospice workers, and many others.


The primary purpose of the CEU is to provide a permanent record of the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed one or more significant non-credit educational experiences. The CEU is in the public domain. Use of the CEU is voluntary and no permission or approval is required by any certifying organization. The Foundation offers CE credits as part of its commitment to providing high-quality, authentic, and effective shamanic training with outstanding and experienced FSS faculty. To obtain FSS traditional CE credits, you must submit your FSS CE Credits Letter to your approval board for your discipline or profession, with the support documentation provided by the FSS, and ask them to accept the FSS credits. If you need to know ahead of time whether FSS traditional CE credits will be accepted by your association, you must consult the approval board for your discipline before you take FSS shamanic training.

Weekend Workshops

Online Workshops

For online workshops: 7 - 14 CE credits/contact hours, or 0.7 - 1.4 CEU offered per workshop.

Advanced Programs

Description of CE Credits letter

After completing an FSS workshop, using this form you may request an FSS CE Credits letter indicating CE credits earned. (See Section A below.) The letter will be on official FSS letterhead, with the FSS logo, and will state:

  • Name of student and unique FSS ID/record number
  • FSS training completed: Workshop title, date completed, FSS faculty member
  • Number of CE contact/credit hours earned
  • Signed by FSS President Susan Mokelke


  • Submit a request using our Request FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits Letter form.
  • Note: In some cases, where an FSS workshop is sponsored by an educational institution, CE credits are offered through the sponsoring institution, which will be noted on the specific workshop calendar listing. In this case the student would apply directly to the sponsoring institution to receive CE credits verification.
  • Your confirmation email will include a link to download supporting documentation describing the quality, authenticity, and efficacy of FSS training programs. This documentation can be given to your licensing/approval board/association to support your request for acceptance of FSS CE credits you have earned through completion of Foundation programs.

To receive acceptance of FSS CE credits

To receive acceptance of FSS CE credits from your accrediting/licensing board, organization, or association:

  • Apply directly to your accrediting/licensing board, organization, or association.
  • Along with your application, submit your FSS CE CREDITS LETTER (section A1) and the "FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits Support Documentation" (section A2).


After completing an FSS workshop or training, submit a request using our Request FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits Letter form. Your confirmation email will include a link to download supporting documentation.


Your organization may independently verify a requesting individual's completion of FSS workshops and training programs and CE credits earned by submitting this Verification of FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits form.