Shamanic Extraction Healing Method™

Shamanic extraction healing is a powerful practice for treating localized pain and illness resulting from spiritual factors. "The shaman works to remove things that interfere with the health of the body, such as spiritual intrusions, and extract them. This is not done through journeying. It's done through working here in the Middle World in an altered state of consciousness." Michael Harner, Shamanic Healing: We Are Not Alone.

In this fully experiential online workshop, you will have the opportunity to: Learn methods to build spiritual power to prepare for extraction practice; sense and see spiritual intrusions, which may be causing localized illness; practice with other participants to safely extract (remove) spiritual intrusions; re-empower a client after a shamanic extraction to restore health and well-being.

Participants must be able to successfully journey in the Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds, and have a strong relationship with a Power Animal and/or Teacher from the Upper or Lower Worlds.

This online workshop is designed exclusively for people who want to bring shamanic healing work into their practice with others. The training is not designed for people looking for personal healing.

Zoom Video Conferencing Instructions

This experiential online training taught by FSS faculty members is offered via Zoom video conferencing. Participants will see and hear each other and interact in pairs and small groups, as well as in the full circle. All students must participate with audio and video and access the meeting through their own individual device.

Before your online training you will receive instructions from the workshop instructor for joining the session using Zoom. Meanwhile, we recommend you download these Zoom instructions including information on audio and video settings.

Before the workshop, select a private, comfortable location where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Please consider the use of headphones or earbuds for an enhanced audio experience, and the use of a computer or tablet for an enhanced video experience. We recommend you connect your device to a power source prior to the workshop, or fully charge your device's battery.



  • Rattle and/or drum
  • Notebook and pen for note-taking
  • Blindfold, eye covering, bandana, or Mindfold®
  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone (for Zoom videoconferencing)
  • Headphones, headset, or ear buds (recommended)


  • 10.5 FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits are available.
  • Completion of this workshop with an authorized FSS Faculty Member qualifies participants to take more advanced FSS workshops. NOTE: You must complete all sessions of this workshop to meet prerequisites required for more advanced workshops. Please arrange your schedule so that you can be present at all sessions of the training.
  • Electronic recording, including audio, video, photographic or otherwise, is not permitted during the workshop.
  • Tuition discounts for online workshops are available to FSS Members (provided during registration): 7-hour ($10); 10.5 hour ($15); 14-hour ($20). Not a member? Join us!
What Participants Say
"Inspirational, life changing, humbling."

"I found this workshop to be very informative and helpful. I liked that we worked on building our strength and power throughout the course. I appreciated how the course built up to extraction work so that it felt manageable and doable."

"This was one of the most powerful workshops for me. Perhaps taking most of the FSS offered courses has laid a strong foundation, and now I am feeling more comfortable with the practice and find it spiritually rewarding. It was a beautiful spiritual experience for me."

"I loved every minute of it. It was very powerful, collaborative and nourishing."

Workshop calendar

Shamanic Extraction Healing Method (online)

DateLocation / TimeInstructorContact

Aug 2—Aug 4, 2024

Eastern Canada EDT

Aug 2 8am-11:30am
Aug 3 8am-11:30am
Aug 4 8am-11:30am

Mira Chen

10.5 FSS CE credits
In Mandarin

Mira Chen

Details & Registration

Sep 4—Sep 18, 2024

East EDT

Sep 4 5pm-8:30pm
Sep 11 5pm-8:30pm
Sep 18 5pm-8:30pm

Alex Solomon

10.5 FSS CE credits

Alex Solomon

Details & Registration

Sep 9—Sep 13, 2024

Southeast EST

Sep 9 9am-12:30pm
Sep 11 9am-12:30pm
Sep 13 9am-12:30pm

Sharon Licata

10.5 FSS CE credits

Sharon Licata

Details & Registration

Sep 10—Sep 12, 2024

Latin America (GMT-3)

Sep 10 7pm-10:30pm
Sep 11 7pm-10:30pm
Sep 12 7pm-10:30pm

Gerardo Roemer

Gerardo Roemer


Nov 23—Nov 24, 2024

West PST

Nov 23 9am-5pm
Nov 24 9am-1pm

Juan-Carlos Safa

10.5 FSS CE credits

Juan-Carlos Safa


Our workshops are widely recognized as unparalleled in the world.

Originated, researched and developed over nearly 50 years by anthropologist Michael Harner, the pioneer of contemporary shamanism.

Our training offers students the opportunity to learn and practice authentic, powerful, and effective shamanic healing methods to high ethical standards.

For Educational Purposes

All Foundation workshops and training programs are offered for teaching purposes only and not for healing or treating any student or participant for any physical or mental condition or illness.


All Foundation workshops and training courses are copyrighted and were originated, researched, and developed by Michael Harner (except as may be otherwise noted).

Electronic recording of audio, video or images is not permitted.