Alex Solomon, MSW, LCSW

Anthony Rios

Since I was a child, I have talked to Spirits. I spent countless hours in the woods talking to the rocks and the trees, as well as other Spirits with whom I developed relationships. Throughout my life, I interacted with the world with the understanding that everything around me was alive. Growing up in the Northeast, I watched myself changing with the cycles of the seasons and grew to appreciate the natural world around me and the way that I interacted with it. At the same time, I was in touch with the unseen, and continued to communicate with the Spirits.

In 2008, I took my first workshop with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. The work of the Foundation and the intensive training in Core Shamanism provided me a context for my earlier experiences. It also gave me the structure I needed to deepen my relationships with the compassionate Helping Spirits and learn methods to bring the healing and wisdom I had experienced back to my community.

I earned my Masters of Social Work from the University of Connecticut. In addition to practicing Shamanism, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in community mental health. I am interested in the ways in which psychotherapy and personal spirituality intersect.

Student Feedback

"Alex conducted an inviting, sympathetic, conscientious, and authoritative introduction to shamanism. Thank you!"

"I thought Alex did a great job. It was organized well, she speaks very clearly, I felt her dedication to her work, and she opened my perspective on several things."

"Questions and answers were well-run and revealing. Shamanic journeys could not have been better conducted."

"Wonderful presentation. Knowledgeable, organized, easy to approach with questions."

"I liked Alex's direct, no-nonsense style. She was compassionate and knowledgeable."