The Foundation is dedicated to preserving, studying, and teaching shamanic knowledge and core shamanic healing methods to benefit our Earth and all of its inhabitants.
This three-part mission is fulfilled with a range of projects and programs. Discoveries made through all projects are interrelated and additive. Knowledge gained informs the Foundation’s premier core shamanism healing training and is passed on worldwide through our workshops and residential trainings, introducing individuals to the independent spirituality of shamanism.
Learn Core Shamanism
Learn Core Shamanism

Helping to preserve shamanism where it is being threatened and assisting in its revival when invited are critical dimensions of our mission. The Foundation has a network of international Field Associates, specialists in shamanism, to alert us to opportunities to help save indigenous shamanic knowledge in imminent danger of being lost.

Teaching shamanic knowledge and the ethical practice of core shamanism healing methods is a primary focus of the Foundation. Students are introduced to the independent spirituality of shamanism, essential to helping to heal humankind and transform our relationship with the planet and its inhabitants.
The Foundation supports the study of shamanism through various projects, including Shamanism and Health, Mapping of Nonordinary Reality (MONOR), The Legacy Project, and the Shamanic Knowledge Conservatory.