Core Shamanism Chronicles: Drums Have Power

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I am a shamanic practitioner living in Canada. I occasionally make and sell traditional-style shamanic drums using natural materials such as cedar wood and deer rawhide. Drums are no mere physical objects. A woman bought one of my drums in a local shop. About nine months later, when I happened to see her, she said she'd taken the drum to Mexico. While she was playing the drum on a beach, she noticed a man dancing in the distance. She kept playing as she walked toward him. When she arrived, the man's friend told the woman playing the drum that the dancing man was completely deaf, and had been deaf his entire life. Somehow, however, he was able to hear the drum all the way down the beach!

Robbie Priestley, graduate Shamanic Healing Training Program (online)

FSS Core Shamanism Chronicles features brief personal shamanic healing accounts and practical applications of shamanism in daily life. By sharing our inspiring stories with each other, we hope to reveal the power, effectiveness, and beauty of shamanic practice.

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