Shamanism for Inspired Change & Transformation


FSS President Susan Mokelke discusses the work of Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and its relevance today. If we wish to have a better world, we need transformed, evolved humans, many of us, and fast. Shamanism can help us find our way forward. Michael Harner’s genius in bringing us core shamanism, from the standpoint of preserving our future, is three-fold: Core shamanism is accessible to humanity regardless of culture; it can be learned and put into successful practice relatively quickly; practitioners of core shamanism work with fully compassionate spirits of the Upper and Lower Worlds, exclusively and explicitly for healing purposes.

“What practitioners of shamanism express to me is their absolute delight in working with the spirits, and the incredible joy and personal satisfaction felt when the compassionate spirits join with them to provide unexpected and helpful solutions to challenging problems. When times are especially onerous and signs of hope are elusive, I have experienced that the helping spirits seem to draw closer to this reality, becoming more accessible, awaiting only our invitation to help."

“Each of us has a significant contribution to make in this lifetime, something we care passionately about, something that speaks strongly to the heart. When we engage with the deep desires of our hearts, joy and inspiration flow in our lives. We transform ourselves, one soul at a time, and the whole world advances.”

—Susan Mokelke, Shamanism & Personal Transformation, ©Shamanism Annual, Issue 34, December 2021

Hosted by Wake Wheeler, Gathering at the Cosmic Fire Global Conference, Shamans Directory (November 30, 2023)

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