Mujiba Cabugos, RN, CHC, LMT

Anthony Rios

I was raised in the Catholic community in Santa Barbara, California, an environment in which I grew accustomed to speaking with spirits through the practice of prayer. Springing from that orientation, I was attracted to people who demonstrated different ways of speaking with spirits.

In the early 1980's a teacher introduced me to Michael Harner's shamanic journey practice. Shortly thereafter, I signed up for the Basic Workshop Michael presented at the Ojai Foundation. I have had a deep appreciation for all that he has made accessible to us, teaching methods and practices to help ourselves and others be empowered with a direct relationship to helping spirits. Connecting to my own spirit helpers for my own learning as well as a rich resource for helping others, has impacted the course of my life in ways that are indescribable.

The orientation toward shamanism opened the doors to experiences and teachings with shamans and healers in different countries and cultures, adding dimension to my world travels over time. Additionally, Santa Barbara has been a tremendous magnet for spiritual teachers and I have maintained a devotion to Tibetan Buddhist teachings and practice, and have been profoundly influenced by experiences with teachers of a variety of spiritual traditions and local indigenous elders.

I completed all of the Foundation's advanced weekend workshops, the Two Week Intensive, Harner Shamanic Counseling Method and the Three Year Program in Advanced Shamanism. Facilitating drumming circles and healing circles has been one of my most treasured offerings since 1985. Since 2012, I sponsored and assisted workshops with Amanda Foulger in Santa Barbara and now offer workshops myself in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara areas.

I established an holistic healing practice in 1987 in my home town of Santa Barbara offering deep tissue bodywork, homeopathy and shamanic healing. Currently I offer shamanic healing exclusively, having retired from the other modalities.

It is a privilege to be a Foundation for Shamanic Studies faculty member, bringing the gifts of this work to ever more people.  I have unending gratitude for Michael Harner. Through his work he has essentially effected a Soul Retrieval for the global human community moving forward.