Mira Chen

Guest Faculty, Online Workshops

Anthony Rios

In 2015, I had a profoundly transformative experience during a Women's Fire Ceremony at a family and systemic constellation workshop. Immersed in the rhythm and resonance of our collective movements, I felt a profound connection to the sacred, experiencing an altered state of consciousness. This pivotal moment ignited my journey into the study of shamanism.

Driven by curiosity, I delved into the offerings of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) in the Toronto area, beginning with the basic workshop, The Way of the Shaman. This initial encounter proved to be life-changing. I pursued advanced training over the following years, and acquired a comprehensive toolkit and deeper understanding of core shamanic methodologies and ethics. I have been offering shamanic healing since summer of 2016.

Seeking further immersion, I participated in the residential Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive, the Three-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, and Harner Shamanic Counseling Training. I felt a profound calling to this work and welcomed the opportunity to become a Guest Faculty member for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, offering workshops in both English and Mandarin. This role allows me to fulfill a deeply-held intention to share the transformative power of shamanic practice with a diverse community, and expand access to this sacred methodology.

My journey into shamanism has taught me invaluable lessons, including the distinction between the teacher and the lesson, and the ritual and the ecstasy. It is through our connection with the forces beyond time and space, cultivated through dedicated practice and communion with helping spirits, that we find the love, strength, wisdom, and support to live fully.

I came to Canada from Taiwan in 2007 and now reside in Richmond Hill, Ontario, with my husband, two daughters, and two cherished cats. In addition to my shamanic practice and teaching, I serve as a family and systemic constellation facilitator, founder of a home health care e-commerce retail store, and HR Director of a national tool company, embodying a holistic approach to both professional and spiritual pursuits.

Student Feedback

"Mira is extremely patient. She provides an open and safe space full of love and compassion. We don’t feel that we are judged or pressured to do anything, be anyone but ourselves. She is able to connect shamanic teachings with ancient Chinese literature. It was quite refreshing to look at Chinese literature from different perspectives to help us understand the deep roots of shamanism in our culture. I felt recharged and protected with Mira’s guidance."

"I am deeply grateful for Mira's compassionate and non-judgmental approach. Her patience and willingness to listen have made me feel completely at ease discussing my questions and concerns. Beyond the workshop content, Mira has created a space for us to reflect on the relationship between our lives and shamanic practice, which I find immensely valuable."

"The introduction to shamanism in this workshop resonated with me deeply, aligning with my personal religious beliefs rooted in Taiwanese folk religion and Buddhism. The concept of everything being alive and supported by loving, compassionate helping spirits struck a chord within me. I am immensely grateful for Mira's gentle and joyful approach in delivering the workshop. She did not place pressure on having a successful journey experience for my first few tries, which was immensely freeing. Through this experience, I found relief from my doubts and was able to release the assumptions I had held about my spirituality."

"The workshop is very powerful and safe. I got to learn with a fully trusting and open heart. I like the introduction and the content of core shamanism. I also like the monthly drumming circle Mira offers."