Elaine M. Egidio, MCAT, LPC, BC-DMT

Anthony Rios

I am a Jersey girl, born on the Jersey shore and have lived here most of my life. I realized early on, the ocean and hills of the land where I live feeds my soul. I love visiting other environments and connecting with the Spirits of those places. I am always honored to connect with them; however, I am always grateful to return home.

As a child I danced outside for hours under the cloud filled skies, mirroring the movement of the clouds, and connecting with the many shapes I saw in the sky. Night skies were so special, filled with mysterious sounds and star formations that had been seen by those who came before. I hid in the trees, danced in the woods, was fascinated by insects, birds, and the many creatures we share this earth with. When I embarked on my first formal shamanic journey, I felt like I had returned home.

I am a graduate of the Foundation’s Three-Year Program in Advance Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, where I first met Michael Harner. I’ve studied with Michael and Sandra Harner, as well as other experienced Foundation faculty. I have taught for the Foundation since 2001, teaching both in-person and online workshops. Since 2005, I have been part of the teaching staff with Nan Moss and the late David Corbin, continuing on with Nan for the East Coast Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive and the Three-Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanic Healing.

I love bringing in the power of the spirits and witnessing the students meet and work with their compassionate helping spirits. It is a joy providing guidance as participants deepen in their connections and understanding that "everything is alive and has spirit." The spirits want to help—that is the heart of this work for me.

I have been providing shamanic healing in person and virtually for over 20 years. I am also active in my community, initiating a community program to have my hometown become a community wildlife habitat. My inspiration for this project came from connecting with the spirits of the town, while participating in the FSS Shamanism for Inspired Local and Local Change workshop.

Elaine M. Egidio, MCAT, LPC, ADTR, earned her Master of Creative Arts in Therapy, Dance/Movement from Hahnemann University, PA. She studied three years post grad at The Dance Therapy Institute of Princeton. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist (BC-DMT), shamanic practitioner and educator, and Minister of the Circle of Sacred Earth Church. As a Dance/Movement Therapist she has worked with various populations, including inpatient, outpatient psychiatric, addictions, women and children affected by domestic violence, elementary school settings and therapeutic day camps. In addition to her training in Core Shamanism, she studied Celtic shamanism with Tom Cowan.

Elaine Egidio has taught weekend workshops since 2001 and participated in Three Year Programs and Two Week Intensives since 2005, acquiring knowledge and a profound understanding of core shamanism. Throughout this time Elaine has maintained a healing practice, gaining practical experience with core shamanic methods and developing strong relationships with her helping spirits. The results: An exceptional teacher with spiritual power, shamanic wisdom, and a compassionate heart.
Susan Mokelke, FSS President

Student Feedback

"Thank you for a fun and fascinating weekend into the upper and lower worlds. The work was so well presented and simply stated. Your passion for the work is so sincere. It was a great class and a pleasure to have you as a teacher."

"Elaine is an open, loving, and patient teacher who is encouraging and accepting of each participant's experience. She is careful to keep the group focused on the Foundation's core shamanic practices and promotes a safe yet warm communal environment."

"Elaine's ability to balance the needs of the individual and the needs of the group, to communicate in a respectful and authoritative manner, and to provide a safe environment for people enabled participants genuine experience of this important work."

"Elaine makes you feel comfortable enough to be truthful with yourself in your work."