Certified Shamanic Counselors are individuls who have completed the Foundation's rigorous certification program in Harner Shamanic Counseling. They have been trained to counsel clients in shamanic journeying for the purpose of divination so that clients may directly seek answers to questions they have in their lives. Harner Shamanic Counselors practice independently of the Foundation.

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  • Gerardo Roemer

    1058 Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Shamanic Healing (25 years)


    Shamanic Divination (25 years)

    1. Harner Certified Shamanic Counselor ®
    2. 3-Year Program
    3. 2-Week Healing Intensive
    4. 5-Day Harner Counseling Workshop
    5. Online Shamanic Healing Series
    6. In-Person Shamanic Healing Series

    Gerardo received his training from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Argentina, Spain and USA by Michael Harner, Alicia Luengas Gates and Susan Mokelke. He has offered individual shamanic healing sessions for 25 years.