Timothy Cope, MFA, CSC

Anthony Rios

Timothy Cope has lived in a haunted house, unloaded boxcars for a living, hitchhiked across America, professionally read tarot cards, been a free-lance journalist, worked backstage on Broadway, been stranded in the desert without water, and wrestled with a mountain lion. He has always told the truth around the campfire.

Timothy has a BFA in Theatre and Film from Denison University and an MFA in Playwriting from the University of Minnesota. His educational scripts have been performed in museums throughout the United States.

He first stepped onto the shamanic path in 1983. Since that time, he has been trained in many shamanic healing methods, including divination, depossession, extraction, and power animal and soul retrieval. He is a graduate of the FSS Three Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing and a Certified Shamanic CounselorĀ®, Harner Method. For over eighteen years he has taught classes in shamanism and facilitated drumming circles in the twin cities.

Student Feedback

"Timothy's relaxed teaching style and his considerable knowledge combined to create a learning experience that was informal, fun, and informative. His skill as a shaman and a ritual leader also can't be denied. His powerful drumming and ability to create and hold sacred space allowed me to experience healing on a very deep level. Truly a transformative workshop!"
Kate Niklasson

"As an instructor, I found Tim to be present, personable and focused. He gracefully balances the art of shamanic practice with the technical elements. His students are left with skills, pride, and a budding community to rely on for the future."
Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark, MA, LICSW

"Timothy's knowledge is vast and for myself as a beginner he explained everything clearly. All of the topics were covered. His sense of humor made the time fly by! I gained a great amount of information in our time together. The class attendees were from a varied background and were equally delightful. I am using the information gathered on a regular basis, and would love to take more classes."
Naomi Busker