FSS Polestar: The Singular Power of Shamanic Practice

“Shamanism is not ‘New Age.’ It is Stone Age and has been living ever since.” —Michael Harner As shamanism in our modern culture grows, more and more students who want to learn its powerful healing methods come to FSS workshops having already...

Core Shamanism Chronicles: Drums Have Power

Core Shamanism Chronicles: Drums Have Power ©2019 Foundation for Shamanic Studies I am a shamanic practitioner living in Canada. I occasionally make and sell traditional-style shamanic drums using natural materials such as cedar wood and deer rawhide. Drums are...
Shamanic Healing in the Treatment of PTSD

Shamanic Healing in the Treatment of PTSD

By S. Mokelke, JD; N. Caldwell, MTCM, L.Ac; A. Solomon, MSW, LCSW; S. Williams, MA
Shamanic healing is finding a well-deserved place as an effective complementary healing modality for people who struggle with the disabling effects of trauma in general, and for Veterans with combat related PTSD in particular.

Shamanic Healing in the Treatment of PTSD

Shamanism and Personal Transformation

By Susan Mokelke
Shamanism is a kind of dance between the inner personal dimension and outer community action. As you grow in understanding and compassion, you work differently in the world.

The Healing Power of Song

By Susan Mokelke
It is not surprising that songs and shamanism are synergistic for healing. The shaman sees with the heart and music speaks to the heart. When a song is imbued with the compassion of the helping spirits, it offers powerful healing for body and soul.

FSS Polestar: Core Shamanism – Respecting Indigenous Cultures

Core Shamanism, by definition, is based on universal principles of shamanic methodology, and does not borrow ceremony and practices from indigenous cultures. “Core Shamanism consists of the universal, near-universal, and common features of shamanism, together...