This client had heard of shamanic healing from my god-daughter, who had some very positive results from a healing session that included extraction healing, power animal retrieval and soul retrieval.

I met the client thru a phone call, and she told me of some issues that were causing difficulties in her life, and we set a time to have a healing session. I mentioned about an exchange of energies for payment, and when she offered a ceramic bowl she had made in exchange for my working with her, I agreed.

She came with my god-daughter as witness on a Sunday morning. She gave the bowl to me, and it was beautiful. She carved on the bottom of it her artist symbol, which was a simple little house, a square with an inverted “V” as a roof.

When it was time, I began the session by rattling and singing an icaro (spirit song) my spirits have given me, and when I was in a shamanic state of consciousness, I journeyed to find out what would be most beneficial for my client at this time. I was instructed to do an extraction, and then a soul retrieval.

I used a recording of shamanic drumming, and I connected with my power animal. My power animal takes on a human form like an old Indian shaman when we do extractions. I merge with my power animal then return to my client and begin finding and extracting intrusions that do not belong in her body. When we are finished with the extraction, my guardian spirit returns to animal form, and I am guided to two soul portions that are ready to come home to her. I bring them back safely and blow them into my client’s heart and crown, then finish off using my rattle.

I welcome home my client and tell her the story of what happened, then share some information I received. Everything resonated with her at a deep level. It was emotional and beautiful.

When our ceremony was finished, I was looking on the ground where we worked, and saw a small object and picked it up. It was a small square little house that was exactly like the symbol she drew on her ceramic works! Now, I had never seen this little house before, and my client didn’t bring it, and my god-daughter didn’t either. This amazing “micromiracle,” the manifestation from the spirit world of my the little house, my client’s symbol, blew our minds! What I realized was the spirits materialized it to show my client that the hidden world of spirit does exist, and to trust that mysteries and miracles are real. There was a lot of gratitude in the room that day.

When I spoke to the client later, I received a very positive report on her life after the extraction and soul retrieval, and that she honors the soul portions and the little miracle house that was returned to her. I am amazed and grateful.

Don Ensslin, CSC, FSS Three Year graduate

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