Jack Hebrank, PhD, PE

Anthony Rios

I see core shamanism as a teachable way of investigating nonordinary reality and living more fully from knowing its existence. We can learn to interact with compassionate spirits for knowledge, gathering information, and healing ourselves and others.

A central theme in my life has been teaching. I helped start and run a child-centered K-8 school and taught undergraduate and graduate engineering courses for eighteen years in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University. I've also been a researcher. Most of the projects I did were at the interface of engineering and biology, such as how sharks swim, measuring heartbeats in chicken eggs and understanding the keyhole in human outer ears. To me, there is an incredible beauty in the physical mechanisms of nature. As a grad student I was fascinated by parapsychology and traded building equipment such as random number generators for the opportunity to observe experimental work.

I'm the grandson of a dowser and do healing work with my wife Marcia, with whom I team teach for the FSS. The healing has been mostly core shamanism and a bit of Reiki. My strongest mystical experiences, outside of our healing practice, include the death of my father and an all-night Long Dance that I've done annually in the mountains of New Mexico for two decades. I first encountered core shamanism in the early 1990s, took the FSS Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman® a decade later, followed by the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive, and then the Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. My helping spirits provide me with consistently practical and supportive advice that I find extremely valuable.

I live in the woods of Durham, North Carolina, in an owner-built house. I’ve raised three kids, have three grandkids, and help Marcia with her four grown children. My formal credentials include a BS in Electrical Engineering, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (both from Duke University), a Professional Engineering license in North Carolina, and inventor/co-inventor on over fifty US patents. Outside of work, I've biked and run, played soccer, danced (mostly Limon-style modern and Contact Improv), done Tai Chi, walked in the woods with my dogs, and heated my house by cutting firewood with a two-man saw.

I believe people learn best by doing and experiencing. Core shamanism offers well developed methods for people to interact with their helping spirits and, consequently, develop a larger view of the world and become more fully themselves. The opportunity to help others learn these skills is why I'm part of the FSS faculty.

Student Feedback

"Very powerful. Lots of hands-on practice, and clear explanations. I liked having two teachers who worked together. Easy going manner made it easier to learn. A wonderful experience where I feel like I'm walking away with a new set of skills and a new circle of kindred souls."

"This was a well-led and excellent, thorough workshop. Jack and Marcia were thoroughly prepared, respectful, and careful leaders; their different leadership styles complemented each other smoothly."

"Positive. Empowering. Jack and Marcia worked well together. Their separate backgrounds bring harmony in thoughts and ways of explaining things. Content and presentation was informative and well presented."

"Instructors worked joyfully and diligently to teach and to be inclusive. Jack and Marcia make a good team. They play off each other, improving the quality of instruction. Thank you for all that the FSS is doing to teach and to preserve this precious knowledge."

"Enlightening, very positive. I think the presenters are wonderful teachers."

"Discovery of facts and ways to divine that help with personal issues was a highlight of the experience. Teachers were very knowledgeable. All aspects regarding learning and exploring as a beginning shaman were clear and well presented."