Anthony Rios

Anthony Rios

At age six I remember going with my grandmother and her sisters to see traditional Mexican healers in Houston. They had a strong Catholic faith but also believed in the traditional folk remedies these healers used with their herbs, ceremonies, and prayers.

The healers left a strong impression on me about the power of prayer, self-healing, and community healing. There was something spiritual outside of church that I could feel when I saw these old weathered healers at work. It would be many years before I would reconnect with my cultural traditions.

In 1999, I attended the Foundation's Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman in Houston. I was surprised by how simple it seemed to journey and connect with spirits, who had a lot to say to me! I went on to take FSS advanced workshops, including Extraction Healing, Dying and Beyond, Dreamwork, Power Soul Retrieval, and Spirits of Nature.

I am a graduate of the Two Week Shamanic Intensive and the Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. The Three Year Program revealed a new way of compassion and love for myself and others, as well as a way of sharing that was new and unfamiliar. It was a great blessing.

I have seen that core shamanism can help return people to their spiritual heritage without the dogma or rules of organized religion. Wonderful relationships with the spirit world can be established, nurtured, and used for personal and community healing. Shamanic methods create vibrant new relationships with the world around us. For students, practicing core shamanic methods has a lasting impact that is personal and unique, and at the same time connected to all of humanity and all living things.

I have a core shamanic healing practice in Galveston, Texas. I have reconnected with my roots and study with indigenous Mexican healers in Mexico. I offer traditional healing rituals in Spanish and English.

Student Feedback

"What a fantastic experience! Anthony's appreciation and love for this work really shines through."

"Fantastic! It met me exactly where I was and gave me the skills to journey. I am excited about my future with shamanism."

"Very enlightening! Didn't really know what to expect but it was eye opening. Anthony was extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful."

"I really liked Anthony's approach. He has an ease and compassionate energy about him that made it feel very comfortable and safe to learn."