MaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess

Omaha, NE, USA
Both Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman were my primary FSS teachers starting in 1986, continuing with weekend workshops, weeklong workshops, and the advanced 3-year program with both of them in the mid/late 1990s. In late 1980s, I began more in-depth divination and healing practices with clients, along with shamanic counseling, drumming groups, and teaching basic shamanic journeying. Most of this practice took place in Omaha, NE. When I moved to Scotland in 2001, I interviewed and wrote about selected shamanic practitioners in Scotland – exploring how their shamanic practices relate to Michael’s concept of core shamanism. Though I still live primarily in Scotland, I also return regularly to Omaha – continuing to provide shamanic services in both countries.


  • Graduate of the FSS Three-Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
  • Completed the FSS Five-Day Harner Shamanic Counseling Workshop

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