Shamanic Healing Series

The following weekend workshops teach and provide hands-on practice in the primary healing modalities used in core shamanism.

Participants are initiated into the extraction method of healing, including how to see, sense, and remove localized illness and pain connected to spiritual factors. 

From the shamanic point of view, people who are not spiritually "power-filled" are prone to illness and misfortune. In this workshop, practitioners are trained in finding and returning a client's lost spiritual essence—a soul portion—to restore health and personal power.

This workshop provides participants with advanced FSS training an experiential review of the primary shamanic healing methods. They will have the opportunity for a hands-on healing session for another participant using multiple core shamanic methods.

Participants learn about the issue of dying and the destiny of human souls from a shamanic perspective. The workshop is for those who wish to learn for themselves, and for those who wish to help others who are in terminal situations or who have already passed on.

This workshop is for those seeking to more effectively use their core shamanic training to help others. A well-designed container for your healing practice that supports your clients and inspires you, can considerably enhance the power of your work.

For Educational Purposes

All Foundation workshops and training programs are offered for teaching purposes only and not for healing or treating any student or participant for any physical or mental condition or illness.


All Foundation workshops and training courses are copyrighted and were originated, researched, and developed by Michael Harner (except as may be otherwise noted).

Electronic recording of audio, video or images is not permitted.