Certificates of Completion

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies is pleased to offer Certificates of Completion to graduates of many of its advanced residential training programs in Core Shamanism.*

The Certificate of Completion is meant to publicly acknowledge the considerable time and effort invested by students in the completion of the Foundation's training programs in advanced shamanism and shamanic healing.

Important Note: The Certificate of Completion is not intended to convey that a person is a shaman, a shamanic practitioner, or a shamanic healer. The Foundation cannot certify that a person is a shaman — it is successful results in shamanic healing that make a person recognized by his/her clients as a shaman or shamanic healer, and even that status can change at any time according to a practitioner's relationship with the helping spirits.

Certificates of Completion** are awarded for the following programs. Requirements for each certificate have been carefully thought out in order to provide a meaningful indication of a graduate's training in core shamanism.

The certificates are attractively designed for framing and display. Each certificate recognizes the training that was completed and is personalized with the graduate's name. Certificates are available to all graduates if they qualify according to the records of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

To request a certificate, please complete the form below. Be sure to fill out the form accurately, including the name you wish to appear on your certificate and your full current mailing address. You may select English, French, German, or Spanish language certificates (choose the type of certificate and press "next"; then use the "Please select language" dropdown box). Please include your email address and a phone number in case we need to contact you for verification. You may be eligible for more than one certificate. For example, if you have completed both the Two Week Intensive and the Three-Year Program, you may request the White, Bronze, and Silver Certificates of Completion. Or, you may request only the highest level you have achieved, the Silver.

Once we receive your request, it will be processed as soon as possible. Each certificate is individually prepared, so please be patient.

Request For Certificate

Please send me the following Certificate(s) of Completion in recognition of my completion of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies advanced training programs in shamanism and shamanic healing.

There is a $10 fee per certificate which includes printing, mailing, and handling in the United States. If your certificate will be mailed outside the United States, a small additional mailing charge will be added. After selecting your certificate(s) below and clicking "next" your order will be placed in our shopping cart for your review and checkout. Certificate fees are handled securely through our agent, UltraCart.

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Harner Shamanic Counseling (HSC)
Shamanic Healing Online Training Program
Shamanic Healing Training Program (In-Person)

* Workshops and training courses in Core Shamanism were originated by Michael Harner and are copyrighted. Permission to use their titles or to teach or publish their content must be obtained in writing from the president or a vice president of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

** The Foundation reserves the right to change the requirements for Certificates of Completion. Some exceptions will be made for those who have nearly completed the previous requirements. (Requirements revised 1/4/2021)