Michael Harner's
5th Pacific Northwest Three-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing

Taught by Susan Mokelke

Begins June 16-27, 2019, Seattle area, Washington

"The Three-Year Program has changed my life on a cellular level. It has been the best experience of my life!"

"I love my life now. Since I've been doing this work, I have a deep sense of my purpose on this planet. That is not something I thought I would ever have. My life is deep, purposeful, profound and fun!"

Q&A about the Three Year Program - Video with Susan Mokelke

If your deposit is received by January 31, 2019, you will receive a complimentary FSS Council membership (a $500 value) upon completion of the first session of the program.

10% tuition discount on the first week of the program (first half of session 1), if your deposit is received by January 31, 2019.


Originated by Michael Harner, this course is the most advanced training in shamanism and shamanic healing offered by the Foundation and generally is considered unparalleled in the world. It involves intensive extended training in progressively higher levels of very advanced shamanism, including initiations into rare and little-known practices and principles.

In this residential program, the same group of participants meets in the summertime once a year for three years for a two-week session, with practical assignments between meetings. The program is devoted to the objective of advancing the participants' knowledge and practice as far as possible during the three years. Enrollment is limited.

PREREQUISITES: The FSS Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman and either: 1. The FSS Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive; or 2. At least six days of advanced FSS workshops, including Shamanic Extraction Healing Training and two other advanced FSS two-day workshops of your choice.

Retreat Center

LOCATION. This workshop will be held at a retreat center with beautifully landscaped grounds and an atmosphere that supports healing, renewal, and personal work. On-site residence is required. Located about 90 minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Information about shuttle service and room and board will be provided during registration.

Susan Mokelke, J.D., has been learning and practicing shamanism and shamanic healing since 1996, has cotaught the FSS weekend workshops extensively with Michael Harner.

Susan Mokelke
In addition to her role as president of FSS, Susan has trained extensively in the Two Week and Three Year programs, as well as teaching the Pacific Northwest Three Year program. She has written several articles on shamanism, including Effective Core Shamanic Drumming Circles, Ethical Considerations in Shamanic Healing, and Core Shamanism and Daily Life. She developed the new FSS workshop Shamanism in Practice: Ethical, Effective, and Inspired Shamanic Healing and Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice. She is the editor of the Shamanism Annual and the FSS E-News and maintains an active shamanic healing practice.

"Susan Mokelke, who co-leads the Foundation for Shamanic Studies with me, has superb credentials as an outstanding shamanic healer and teacher. She is an inspiring, compassionate, and knowledgeable workshop leader. Anyone who studies with her can be sure of receiving the most up-to-date and accurate results of my research, for she maintains the gold standard of core shamanism. I recommend her enthusiastically." --Michael Harner, 2011

Her students say:

Of the Three-Year program: "I had a first class experience working with you. The course as you presented was all I had hoped for, and more. I learnt a lot. I felt completely safe under your tutelage and enjoyed learning from you. I am so looking forward to continuing. Thanks for making it work, and so simply."

"Susan is such a grounded, clear, honoring teacher and it is inspirational to witness her obvious comfort with, depth, and commitment to the spirit world and this work. Far from acting 'the guru,' Susan frequently redirects our questions back to us, encouraging us to seek the answer from our own Spirit Helpers. This approach further demonstrates her respect for the process and has helped me build confidence and familiarity with my own relationship with the spirit world."
--Christobel Macdonald, Three-Year Program student

"Susan is filled with stories, grace, encouragement, authenticity, humor, and a strong sense of ethics. She demonstrates a vast knowledge and experience without any judging."

Susan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from USC and a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. She has composed two CDs of healing songs - Teachings from the Spirits (originally produced by FSS) and Be a Light - and has written a fantasy novel, Roseheart.

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