What Graduates Say About Our Workshops

Way of the Shaman® Initiatory Workshop

The entire weekend blessed my socks off! I had no real expectation of what would happen during my weekend, so it is with great joy that I say, 'It changed my life.'

Very interesting, curious and applicable to my life. I felt I received deep healing and insights. I feel more in touch with the natural world.

Very spiritually awakening. A very meaningful experience and practices I can use.

Totally Awesome! Fun, expansionary and perfectly harmonious. Love the experiential orientation.

This workshop was very positive and life changing.
I will never be the same. I feel more connected to the earth and the animals of this world.

The workshop was everything I expected and more. I am frankly incredulous that I was able to journey and complete the practice. Everything I encountered seemed at once familiar and strange — and authentic!

Best experience I've had spiritually in some time.

Incredible. Really powerful tools and information.

Thank you for an incredible weekend.I wish I would have known about this 20 years ago. To spend this past weekend in a room with people who not only embraced and shared my experiences but were also cogent and sane was remarkable. And to have this lead by facilitators who were spiritually realized, pragmatic, and incredibly intelligent was intensely important.

Totally amazing! Unexpected occurrences in my journeying.

One of the most valuable things taught in the workshop was that the responsibility for deciphering and understanding the meaning of our lessons was upon our own shoulders. Not once did you interpret for us. You left the power in our hands.

Advanced Workshops

The Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive was the most amazing experience of my life. For the first time in my life I feel 'safe.' Safe in this life, with this and the other reality working together to create a miraculous existence—which is now the reality I live in.

The Three-Year Program has changed my life on a cellular level. It has been the best experience of my life!

Since first reading 'The Way of the Shaman' and learning to journey, I have experienced such profound healing in my life that I cannot even find words to tell you about them. I love my life now. My life is deep, purposeful, profound, fun.