March 14, 2011

Dear FSS Circle Members and Friends:

Our hearts go out to the people, land, and all beings in Japan. Shamanic healing circles, drumming circles, and FSS Three Year and Two Week program graduates are responding, requesting healing help for this terrible series of events.

People are sending help in their own ways, depending upon their training and how they are moved to respond. Prayer, sending spiritual light, envisioning healing, and other means of spiritual assistance are all being offered. And, of course, ordinary reality efforts such as donations or hands-on help are also of great importance.

If you are working shamanically and bringing the power of your helping spirits to the region to address the spiritual aspects of this emergency to complement the efforts of ordinary reality workers, here are some guidelines that can help make your shamanic efforts truly effective, ethical, and healing.

  • Permission from the souls of all beings, including the land, must be obtained before doing any work. Journey work must be done in advance to gain permission and to discover the scope of any shamanic healing to be offered. Then, work in accordance with and to the extent of your training.
  • Keep in mind that you are working with a culture that is different from our own. The Japanese have their spiritual traditions concerning life, death, and healing, which must be fully respected.
  • Work closely with your compassionate helping spirits of the Upper and Lower Worlds. Let them take the lead.

This is what we have all been training for – to be able to bring the infinite love and power of the helping spirits to bear to alleviate pain and suffering in such tragic circumstances.

With hope and compassion for all,

Michael Harner and Susan Mokelke

Note: If you wish some guidance on issues of permission, you may review the article, Ethical Considerations in Shamanic Healing.