Gathering of the Circle of the Foundation, 2019

An inspiring in-person gathering of the membership of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies took place January 25 – 26, 2019 in the San Francisco area, California. The theme was "helping to create a vibrant future for our community and the planet." Here are two videos from that gathering.

Introduction, “Creating a Vibrant Future," with Susan Mokelke, FSS President
A look at the Foundation’s history and development and where we are now. Susan discusses the relevance of shamanism today, and the critical need to bring the wisdom of the spirits to our communities and world—not only for healing, but to restore balance, unity, and harmony to carry us into the future.

Report on the Legacy (FSS library), with Sandra Harner, Vice President and Director of the Shamanic Knowledge Conservatory
Sandra reports on the status of the FSS books and periodicals, and exciting progress preserving the library and making the materials accessible to researchers.

Shamanism and the Living Universe with Duane Elgin
Social visionary, internationally recognized speaker, and author (

Duane Elgin speaks to the importance of shamanic wisdom in a universe where everything is alive. He provides a look at the deeper trends that underlie what we see happening on the surface in our societies. He addresses some of the practical implications of a living universe, and how we would relate effectively to people, all of nature, and the universe itself, if we understood this fundamental truth. Duane finishes with a message of inspiration and hope, offering a model of where humanity is in our development and suggesting possibilities for our maturation as a species and creating a future that nurtures all life.