Shamanism as a Profession?
Practicing Shamanic Healing Using Core Shamanism

We find ourselves these days at a significant crossroad in the growth of shamanism in contemporary society. In the 1980s, when the Foundation’s training programs were relatively new, people got involved because they were curious, hungry to learn, and committed to reclaiming their lost spiritual heritage. There are now tens of thousands of people who have completed years of advanced training in core shamanism. Their passion for the work has inspired them to find ways to help relieve pain and suffering in the world through offering their services as shamanic practitioners.

Increasing numbers of people are asking about “shamanism as a profession,” raising practical questions like: What qualifications or training do I need to practice shamanic healing? How can I know when I am ready to start a healing practice? How do I explain to prospective clients what I do?

In response, the FSS is offering guidelines and an opportunity to engage with other practitioners in addressing these kinds of pragmatic questions, as well as how to proceed with a shamanic practice in an ethical, compassionate, and effective way. Discuss important everyday issues associated with shamanic healing and explore creating an ideal container for your practice in the FSS advanced weekend workshop, Shamanism in Practice: Ethical, Effective, and Inspired Shamanic Healing.

For more about shamanic healing as a profession, see “The Contemporary Practice of Shamanic Healing” by FSS president Susan Mokelke.

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FSS Polestar highlights some of the questions we are frequently asked about contemporary shamanic practice. “Polestar” is defined as “something that serves as a guiding principle.” It reflects our commitment to helping practitioners stay oriented to authentic shamanic methods and ethics, while maintaining their own independent spirituality, which comes from learning directly from the compassionate spirits. Send us your practice-related questions for consideration for Polestar. Use our CONTACT FORM, and put “Polestar” in the subject line.