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The Foundation is pleased to sponsor a celebration of the lives and work of Stan and Christina Grof.

Between May 24 and June 28, people will come together from around the world in a unique and transformational teleseries in honor of Stan and Christina Grof.

The celebration begins with a 6-week Holotropic TeleSeries centering around a Global Holotropic Breathwork Day on June 11th. On this one day, thousands of people will join together in cities around the globe to share in a “holotropic” experience.

“Holotropic” literally means “Moving toward Wholeness,” and that is what this 6-week Holotropic TeleSeries and Global Breathwork Day are all about. Imagine what might occur when thousands or even more of us join together to Breathe as One. Imagine how it might transform your life. Imagine how it might bring healing to our world.

During Week 6, Tuesday, June 28, 12:00 pm Pacific Time, special guest Michael Harner, will join with Stan and Christina, Angeles Arrien, and others: Celebrating Transpersonal Psychology: A Gathering of Elders. Many of the pioneers and elders of transpersonal psychology and the new paradigm in science will be honored. They will share their perspectives concerning one of the most significant explorations of the human spirit in our day, which may prove to be fundamental in shaping the human future.

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Susan Mokelke
Executive Director

P.S. – Part of the proceeds from this event go to support the work of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.