Mongolian (Darkhad) shaman and Kevin Turner

FSS Faculty Kevin Turner spent July 2011 on field assignment in Mongolia where he represented FSS at the Ataa Tenger Conference of International Shamanic Studies. Kevin spoke on core shamanism in Asia, and met a number of researchers involved in central Asian shamanism. Kevin also personally interviewed 6 remarkable shamans for research purposes. He gave a one-hour talk on core shamanism at the largest bookstore in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar in honor of the new Mongolian translation of The Way of the Shaman, as well as a 5-minute Mongolian television interview. There is significant interest in our work in Mongolia, and Kevin may be returning to offer the first FSS courses there next year. We look forward to further collaboration with Mongolian shamans and Mongolian shamanic researchers in the future. Members of the Circle of the Foundation, look for more about FSS in Mongolia in this year’s issue of the Shamanism Annual, coming out in December.