Preservation and Revival of Indigenous Shamanism

Helping to preserve shamanism where it is being threatened, and assisting its revival when invited, are critical dimensions of our mission. The Foundation has a network of international Field Associates, specialists in shamanism, to alert us to opportunities to help save indigenous shamanic knowledge in imminent danger of being lost. We also respond to requests from native peoples to assist them in reviving and maintaining their shamanic traditions.

By invitation, the Foundation has sent training teams to the Republic of Tuva, China, Siberia, Samiland, Australia, Canada, the northeastern United States, and Alaska. We have also actively engaged in preservation work in Nepal, Siberia, China, Central Asia, the Amazon, and elsewhere. We have, for example, provided assistance to the Baniwa people of Northwest Amazonia to help preserve and revive their shamanic traditions.

To support the revival of their own traditions, scholarships for all FSS workshops and training programs are available to Native Americans on federally recognized tribal rolls.

Living Treasures Project

The Foundation’s Living Treasure of Shamanism designation provides an annual lifetime stipend to exceptionally distinguished indigenous shamans in less-developed countries where their age-old knowledge of shamanism and shamanic healing is in danger of extinction. Special attention is given to providing the economic assistance necessary to allow these Living Treasures to pass on their knowledge to their people.