Living Treasure Sichingua

Sichingua (Siqinqua) is a Daur Shaman in Inner Mongolia, China. Sichingua came highly recommended by FSS Field Associate Kun Shi (China) and by Dr. Mihály Hoppál, President of the International Society for Shamanistic Research. Sichingua is a practicing shaman, widely known as an effective healer and a shamanic heritage keeper. She has also attracted serious attention from researchers in China and in several Asian and European countries. Sichingua has earned an excellent reputation from many ethnic groups in her region, and even from the local officials. Sichingua, 59, lives in Ewenki, Hulunbeir, Inner Mongolia. Her husband Barter is a Mongol and serves as her assistant.
Sichingua in her shamanic costume and mask with Barter, her assistant.