Kevin Turner, MA

Anthony Rios

After years of study with yogis, monks and lamas in India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Japan, Kevin met Michael Harner in 1997 and began his shamanic path.

Kevin has worked with shamans in Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, and Mexico. In 2007, in a bit of a turn around, he was invited to train a group of Mayan Elders in psychopomp work.

Kevin has worked for Save the Children in a Cambodia at civil war, airlines in Taiwan, IBM in Japan, and has lectured at a dozen universities.

Though born in Arizona, USA, he has lived in Asia for over 25 years and currently has a healing practice in Bali, Indonesia and Kyoto, Japan. Kevin is the FSS Director for Asia, and teaches core shamanism in 7 countries.

"As early as I can remember I experienced nocturnal journeys to an attic above the attic to learn from ancestors, or to a cellar below the cellar that led down to fairy-tale realms. Unable to distinguish the difference between waking, lucid dreaming or otherwise in these worlds, I rarely spoke of them or the things I learned. I completed an MA in linguistics in 1985 and left for Asia to seek more understanding of the hidden worlds.

"When I learned shamanic journeying from Michael Harner I immediately realized what had been occurring since childhood, but now I had a framework within which to work. It was an awe-inspiring development in my life, and it’s an honor to be able to share this with others as an FSS faculty member in Asia."

Student Feedback

"Kevin’s explanations were clear, comprehensive, easy to understand and supported by his own rich experience. I feel he’s a wonderful person in both knowledge and humanity."

"The course was everything I hoped it would be. I look forward to practicing what I’ve learned, and I feel I received a lot. Kevin’s approach was great. He made us all feel confident as we undertook the journeys. He’s humble yet very knowledgeable, and offers a gentle but sure atmosphere. I look forward to advanced courses soon."

"Kevin knows his material thoroughly, and his sense of humor helps us all relax and feel comfortable."

"Kevin has a very thorough knowledge of his subject, and I feel fortunate to have had him as my instructor. I look forward to advanced courses with him soon."

"Kevin is an immensely gifted teacher offering guidance with humility, patience and wisdom. We are very grateful to him for offering of himself to share his knowledge."

"I was amazed at how easy it was to enter the Lower and Upper Worlds. Kevin is full of humor and patience. His explanations were thorough and with examples pulled from a wide variety of spiritual disciplines."

"Kevin is very knowledgeable and makes challenging concepts easy to understand. Very enjoyable."