Adam Bosler

Feb 4, 2022

Anthony Rios

After spending most of his childhood sitting under the familiar limbs of an enormous walnut tree, Adam Bosler followed a spiral path into shamanism. For 25 years, he explored various methods for opening the doorway of communication with the compassionate spirits.

While taking master’s degree classes in Consciousness Studies, Adam discovered the work of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies—and immediately realized he had stumbled upon a perfectly crafted system for sharing with people in his community a series of methods to access nonordinary reality for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Adam has an eclectic professional background, including a decade teaching high school English and journalism, a number of years working as an editorial assistant at a nationally distributed martial arts magazine, as well as 8 years “working the trades” in residential construction.

Adam is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Three-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. He holds a degree in English and a California Teaching Credential from Azusa Pacific University.

Adam hosts a monthly online community circle, where participants can practice the core shamanism journey method. He also maintains an active shamanic healing practice.

Student Feedback

"Style was great...very accessible and high emotional intelligence. Well organized and explains thing clearly. Very knowledgable. Good use of metaphor to explain things."

"Adam creates an environment where I felt able to have my own experience without comparing myself to others. One way he does this is by being so authentic in a way that I really respect and respond to."

"The teacher was very professional. He guided us to be able to carry out the practices correctly and listened to our experiences without judging them and helped us get the best out of them. He gave us his opinion in a respectful and understanding manner."

"Adam was very respectful. His demeanor and style was exactly what the subject matter called for. I was impressed by his teaching."

"The workshop was excellent. I like Adam’s quiet and thoughtful approach to teaching. Adam is a compassionate spirit in his own right."

"The training flowed very nicely and the time went by quickly. Adam did a good job with all the different experiences people were having, and it felt like everyone was able to share in comfort. It didn't feel rushed, and everyone's questions were handled beautifully. Adam is humble, deep feeling, and obviously cares very much."