I’m trained and have practiced as a psychiatrist for more than 40 years. Many years ago, after sustaining a head injury due to a fall, I started having some amazing, overwhelming, unexplained experiences (some call them “peak” or “transcendental” experiences), where I felt I was dissolving and merging into the “oneness” of everything. These experiences led me to Michael Harner’s Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman, and then on to more advanced trainings in core shamanism including Extraction Healing, Spirits of Nature, and Shamanism, Dying & Beyond. Over the years, I’ve had some miraculous treatment successes using core shamanic healing methods for severely traumatized patients (including some health care professionals), who were struggling with depression, anxiety, and body experiences that were totally refractory to mainstream intensive psychotherapy and medication. I’m writing now because a long time ago I received a song during one of my journeys that I feel others may benefit from knowing. The words are as follows:
Spirits, Spirits
Within and Beyond
With Wisdom, Power, Compassion
Guide me safely
Flying through worlds
Guide me safely
Riding my drum

FSS student and shamanic practitioner

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