Core Shamanism Chronicles: Shamanic Healing & Autism

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The biggest impact to my life has been the healing of my daughter’s symptoms of autism. At three and four years, my daughter had some major challenges, which I recognized as symptoms of being on the autism spectrum. I had just started learning about shamanism through the Foundation’s courses. After finishing the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive, I decided to try some of the healings on my daughter. To my relief, she started improving. But what was so absolutely beautiful, was that over the next year-and-a-half, my spirit helpers showed me specific healings to give to her and other children with autism and ADHD. Now I use these and the information I have learned to help other families dealing with autism or ADHD experience relief, joy, and connection as their children’s symptoms decrease. My daughter is now almost nine and she has no visible symptoms of what she experienced when she was three. She is still a sensitive child, but doesn’t have to struggle like she did before. She is happy and thriving and these healings and knowledge have been the greatest blessing for us as a family!

Tina Bishai, FSS Two Week Intensive & Three Year Program graduate

FSS Core Shamanism Chronicles features brief personal shamanic healing accounts and practical applications of shamanism in daily life. By sharing our inspiring stories with each other, we hope to reveal the power, effectiveness, and beauty of shamanic practice.

If you have a core shamanic practice story to share, use our contact form and put “Chronicles” in the subject line. Submission guidelines: accounts should be no more than a few paragraphs long and offer a specific personal example of healing or applying core shamanism methods in everyday life. As always, keep in mind ethical standards of confidentiality and permission: Ask your clients for permission before sharing and do not reveal their names. If your submission is selected for inclusion in the Chronicles, you may use your name or choose to be listed as anonymous.