The devastation wrought by the fires in Australia left me wondering what I could do. Taking to heart the words of a teacher: search out ordinary reality actions in addition to shamanic work, I proceeded. With a heart still heavy with sadness and grief, I wondered, “What more?” Soon after, a helping spirit in the form of one of the animals from that land appeared to me.

So I journeyed to this helping spirit to ask what I could do with permission. This is what it said: For now, drum for those needing and seeking help and support, and sing if song were to arise. It conveyed that the animals and pockets of land affected that are in need of help and seeking it, would tap into what I was asked to do—that this would also help with the transitions of the animals seeking help to move on.

I did as asked, offering the drumming and song to those seeking help, and saw that, indeed, this was helping animals transition. I then invited a shamanic practitioner friend to join me after checking in with the helping spirit from that land, and with permission, we both drummed and sang for the animals and the land in need. We both had similar experiences: that the drumming and spontaneous singing were helping those wanting to transition. This experience is yet another reminder to me that the helping spirits are there for us all. As I struggle with an extremely difficult situation or reality, help is available. I just need to pay attention to the helping spirits.

RG, FSS Three Year Program graduate

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