Core Shamanism Chronicles: Beginning Journey Experience

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I have been reading Michael Harner's books The Way of the Shaman and Cave and Cosmos. I have recently taken two trips to the Lower World by following the instructions in Way of the Shaman. My second time journeying was definitely eye opening.

When I came out of the tunnel, I could have sworn I was in the Amazon but it was night and everything was very dark. I could hear birds and water. I started to doubt what I was seeing; then I saw a white bird coming towards me that I thought was an owl until it got closer and I realized it was actually a white hawk (I had no idea they existed.) It was looking at me and moving its head. We flew together to what I thought at first was above the forest outside my window just outside St. Petersburg, Russia. However, there were mountains and I came to think it may actually have been Tuva, Altai, where I flew with the hawk. While we were there, I felt my body get cold. We then went somewhere else really fast through a tunnel. I’m not sure where it was but there was an elephant and it was waving at me with its trunk.

As soon as my journey finished, I went to look up white hawks to confirm that’s what I saw, and this is when I knew everything I saw was truly real. To my surprise the white hawk I saw does exist and they are from the Amazon. This was my first confirmation. My second confirmation was when I wanted to find out more about white hawks on YouTube and one of the first videos that came up talked about them as an omen and specifically a great shamanic sign to see. This blew my mind.

Thank you so much for all the work you all have done and I am so excited to continue my spiritual journey through shamanism.

Jay C., beginning journeyer

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