Membership Terms of Use

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before posting your Members Directory Listing. By using the Members Directory, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Listing in the Directory is voluntary. You may choose to be listed or not, and can revise your listing by logging in to the Members Circle. All FSS members are entitled to a listing, which varies in length, depending upon the membership category. Through their listing, members may share their interests, healing services and work, and network with the shamanic community.


This is a public voluntary sub-directory of the Members Directory of FSS members who are currently accepting clients for shamanic healing and/or shamanic divination. The members listed have completed ONE or MORE of the FSS advanced shamanic healing training programs: 3-Year Program2-Week Healing IntensiveIn-Person Shamanic Healing SeriesOnline Shamanic Healing Series5-Day Harner Shamanic CounselingHarner Certified Shamanic Counselor. This directory is provided as a service to members of the Foundation and to the public. Those listed work independently of the Foundation and no endorsement by the Foundation is expressed or implied.


FSS reserves the right to edit listings of all members, including images. FSS may also remove a listing (without notice) if it violates these Terms of Use or when your membership term expires or you cancel. You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing Membership Services at gro.m1721080274sinam1721080274ahs@o1721080274fni1721080274.

Annual memberships renew automatically each year, unless you cancel. You will receive a notice yearly before your annual membership renews, and may cancel or renew in a different membership category. If you cancel your annual membership, your membership will remain active until the end of your membership term.

Monthly memberships renew every month until you cancel your membership. If you cancel your monthly membership, your membership will remain active until the end of the current monthly term. Future charges to your credit card will end.

The FSS reserves the right to decline or end an individual's membership in the Members Circle, at its sole discretion, if contrary to the Foundation's mission, purpose, and ethics. In cases where the FSS suspends a membership, the individual's annual membership fee will be returned on a prorated basis. Monthly memberships will continue to the end of monthly term and will not be renewed thereafter.


Please conduct yourself according to the guidelines below in your listing.

  • I will not use the Members Directory listings to collect emails or other personal information for the purpose of sending unsolicited communications or for commercial uses.
  • I will not post content that may be harmful, abusive, vulgar, or discriminatory.
  • I will avoid politics and gossip.
  • I will consider ethics, accuracy, courtesy, and compassion in my post and in my dealings with members of the public who may contact me via my listing.
  • I will post only content about me and my work, not about third parties.
  • I will not post specific dates and locations of workshops or trainings I offer independent of the Foundation.
  • I will post content that is related to shamanism and shamanic healing.


You understand that anything posted in the Members Directory is public information. Do not post content you wish to keep private, such as a street address or phone number. FSS will create a contact form for your listing that will allow people to contact you by email without revealing your personal information.


You must own the copyright or have the right to use (written permission) any content posted in the Directory, including images. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and you may not post, upload, or otherwise transmit on the FSS website or listings any materials that violate another party's intellectual property rights.


The Members Directory, including the Shamanic Healing & Divination Directory, is provided as a service to FSS members. You, not FSS, are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of your listing and for infringement of another party's intellectual property rights and/or infringement of any other rights.