Lora Jansson

Lora Jansson

I did not come to shamanism because I was intrigued or curious even though these are great reasons to explore this ancient spiritual practice. I came hoping that shamanism would cure a debilitating, chronic illness that I had had for eleven years. It did.

On the one-year anniversary of my first shamanic journey, the compassionate spirits completely cured me just as my shamanic mentors predicted. The spirits told my mentors that my illness was a calling to shamanism, and that it would be cured when the spirits knew it was the right time for them to do so. As the doctors said the illness was incurable, this cure was not viewed as improbable, but impossible.

But even before the cure, my life was forever changed after my first journey, and continued to radically change in the year that followed. In the 15 years since then, I have taken the most advanced training offered by the FSS: the Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive and the Three-Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, plus several post-graduate studies.

I have worked with many hundreds of clients and students. My greatest joy in life, and my privilege, is to work with students and introduce them to core shamanism. I have witnessed remarkable things in my classes. But the greatest miracle is always being witness to a student who meets his or her own compassionate spirit helpers for the first time.

I am honored to teach for the Foundation because I know that FSS training in Michael Harner’s core shamanism is the best in the world. I look forward to sharing this singular curriculum with you, a methodology that will allow you the opportunity to meet your compassionate spirits in the nonordinary worlds of beauty beyond reckoning and love beyond comprehension.

Lora is a full time shamanic practitioner, teacher, and writer. Lora's articles published in the FSS journal, the Shamanism Annual: “I Did Not Call the Dolphins,” (2009) and two articles on working in community for shamanic healing: “Shamanic Healing in Service to Life” (2008) and “Update on the Moon Bear Project” (2009). Online: “Passion Projects: What Fuels the Heart.”

Lora's students say:

"High praise for Lora Jansson's Way of the Shaman workshop. I attended her last Way of the Shaman class a few months ago (March 2012), and it knocked my socks off. Lora is a fantastic teacher - extremely articulate and thoroughly prepared - and has a deep understanding of the world of shamanism. It is a FASCINATING workshop!"
— Ann Whitmore, Bainbridge Island, WA

"Thank you, Lora, for the wonderful experience! You are truly an amazing human being, teacher, and healer."

"Lora is a natural teacher. Very gifted. She also teaches from a very natural, humble, humorous perspective."

"The Way of the Shaman with Lora was the best experience I have ever had in a workshop. I would say this information is life changing. I can’t wait to go back and be with the helping spirits again. I am so grateful!"

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity. I feel much happier than I have in a very long time and have a renewed faith in humanity and people in general. I loved my classmates and your teachings and especially appreciate the magic of you. I am happy that I am starting this path having had you for my first teacher. I cannot imagine a better start, and hope I can take the Way of the Shaman again with you." — Katie Jones

Visit Lora's website and blog for articles about shamanism and for information about workshops she teaches for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.