Tim Flynn

Timothy R. Flynn, M.A.

I first became interested in shamanism as a young teenager when I realized the methods of addressing death and spiritual suffering in my community were greatly lacking in effectiveness and authenticity. As a young person confronting illness and loss, and later as a dancer suffering from a debilitating chronic joint condition, I struggled to find a way to heal myself emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I delved more deeply into shamanic cross cultural methods of caring for the living, the dying, and all spirits as part of an undergraduate thesis on the History of Death and Dying in America. My hospice training as a volunteer visitor, and work as a home healthcare aid for the chronically ill, gave me hands on experience in supporting others as they faced some of the greatest challenges we face.

My involvement with shamanism really blossomed when I first received healing from a shamanic practitioner in my twenties. Like many who practice core shamanism, my own healing provided the invitation for me to pursue training. After integrating several years of healing I went on to study with the FSS and earn my MA from JFK University's Transformative Arts Masters Program. My graduate thesis on ritual performance gave me the opportunity to combine my love of dance, theater, healing and shamanism.

Since then I've developed a shamanic healing practice, started a family that I support as an IT consultant, and purchased a small homestead where I use shamanic techniques to help grow our food and provide compassionate animal husbandry.

I feel called to teach core shamanism because I want to offer to others the extraordinary tools of healing and transformation I've been given. I offer a monthly drumming circle, am a contributing editor to the FSS e-newsletter, and blog about my experiences with shamanism, being a father, and learning to grow nourishing food sustainably.

Tim's students say:

Tim is an absolutely generous, intelligent, kind, and knowledgeable soul. He presents and guides with expertise as well as takes good care of the participants.

He's phenomenal: present, real, patient, knowledgeable, approachable, and kind. From the beginning I felt that I could trust Tim. [The course was] ... extraordinary and profound.

The journeying was amazing and Tim was such a great guide. His own shamanic power is so strong yet gentle - a wonderful blend.

Articles by Tim: "What Core Shamanism Has Given Me" and "A Personal Look at Core Shamanism."