Opportunities to Join the Foundation Faculty

The Foundation is pleased to announce teaching opportunities for Foundation graduates who have completed both the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive and the Three-Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing.

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This new development is part of the Foundation’s ongoing mission to preserve, study, and teach shamanic knowledge for the benefit of the Planet and its inhabitants.

By training students first in shamanism and shamanic healing and then requiring experience as shamanic healers before any teaching is done, we hope to continue to maintain the gold standard of contemporary shamanism that students of the Foundation have come to expect. As with the Foundation’s current experienced Harner-trained faculty, additional shamanically initiated teachers will be able to offer a depth of teaching gained from their own experiences in the advanced training programs and from being shamanic healers themselves. They have learned in the best school – that of experience.

Prerequisites. To apply to teach the Basic and Advanced weekend workshops for the Foundation as an FSS faculty member, you must have completed both an FSS Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive and a Three Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. You must also have at least three years experience as a shamanic healer/practitioner. NOTE: The Foundation is not currently accepting applications. Openings, when available, will be posted on the website.

Those who are accepted as FSS faculty members will receive additional preparation and training, provided by experiencing the workshops, before beginning to teach. In most cases, new faculty members will be assigned the territory where they live, so they may begin building their teaching practice and fostering shamanic community locally.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOT CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED. Openings for new faculty, when available, will be posted on the website.

When openings become available, you may complete the form below to receive an application and more information.

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Foundation Faculty Application Request

Foundation Faculty Application Request